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7 January 2022 | Updated:

Immediate Connect Features




The crypto markets move very fast, with daily price swings worth billions of dollars. We provide expert-tested and proven tools to help you generate amazing returns from these price swings. Our tools have a track record of delivering high-win-rate strategies.




Crypto trading is all about financial inclusion. We help you achieve the great returns enjoyed by the big banks by enabling you to build and implement powerful trading strategies. Our tools help you trade price swings like a pro.




Immediate Connect is free! Unlike our competitors, we do not charge a dime in trading license fees. We only earn a commission when you are profitable. Trading fees are also insignificant, given our partnership with top ECN brokers.

Why Trade with Immediate Connect?

Cryptocurrency is known for its extreme price fluctuations, or volatility. This is because the market is highly sensitive to new information and rapid technological advancements, such as the emergence of the metaverse. As a result, any news or innovation can potentially cause significant shifts in the value of crypto assets. In fact, no other asset class can match the level of volatility seen in the cryptocurrency industry.

Innovations in the cryptocurrency space often create a stir in the market. At Crypto Trend Trader, we offer tools to help you trade on the market's reaction to news and events. Our platform's powerful trend analysis features enable you to develop effective, trend-based strategies. Take advantage of market excitement with Crypto Trend Trader.

In addition to our trend analysis tools, we also offer news analysis features for traders who follow market-moving events. These tools are powered by Natural Language Processing (NLP), a branch of artificial intelligence that focuses on understanding and processing human language and speech. With our news analysis tools, you can stay informed and make informed trading decisions based on the latest developments in the market.

Take advantage of the upcoming digital currencies boom by trading your favorite crypto assets on our platform!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do I pay any fees to use Immediate Connect?

We offer Immediate Connect on a free license. However, the free license offer could end at any time. You should grab the opportunity now and register. Those lucky enough to secure the free license will enjoy it for a lifetime. You’ll be connected to a broker upon completing the signup. This broker handles the trading part and offers highly competitive spreads starting from as low as zero pips.


2. What payment methods does Immediate Connect offer?

Immediate Connect operates under top-quality CFDs brokers. All trading-related transactions happen through brokers. Our brokers provide multiple payment methods. These include Discover, American Express, Visa, Master Card, and Pioneer. You can also pay via bank transfer or e-wallets such as Google Pay, Venmo, Skrill, and WebMoney. Some of our partners may also support deposits via bitcoin wallets. All deposits are free of charge and are processed instantly.


3. How do I change my payment method?

As explained earlier, Immediate Connect tools are integrated with popular platforms such as MT4 and the cTrader. These platforms are accessible through our partners. You can only access the apps integrated with the tools from the underlying broker. You must sign up on the official Immediate Connect website to access the download links. The apps integrated with the tools are not published on Google Play or Play Store.


4. Do I need trading experience to use Immediate Connect?

Immediate Connect makes trading easy. We categorise our tools into beginner, intermediate, and experienced trader levels to support all traders. Beginners can use the tools to build and implement quality strategies while they learn about trading. With our tools, a beginner can graduate to the intermediate level within a month. The intermediate and experienced trader tools help the trader build sophisticated strategies for the best returns.

5. Does Immediate Connect charge hidden fees?

We operate in full transparency, with all activities through our tools being recorded on a blockchain system. Moreover, all transactions via our partners are executed via a smart contracts system. This system ensures full transparency. The smart contracts technology ensures that all the predetermined trading terms are implemented to the letter. This technology ensures a frictionless trading environment.


Immediate Connect Review – Everything you need to know!

What is Immediate Connect?

We are a one-stop shop for all your volatility trading needs. Immediate Connect was founded to help traders get the most out of crypto volatility trading.

We do so by offering 20+ tools to make trading research easy. These tools include AI-driven software for technical and fundamental analysis. Technical analysis involves a study of huge chunks of historical price data to identify patterns and convert them into insights.

The technical analysis technique yields amazing results when implemented appropriately. Our AI-driven tools enable you to easily study crypto prices-related big data. The data is derived from Coin Market Cap, among other data sources. We help traders generate up to 10 trades per minute through this technique.

We are also the masters of news-driven trading. Our Natural Language Processing (NLP) driven tools help you capture all news-trading opportunities. We also provide a news portal to help traders stay updated with the latest market happenings.

The news portal is accompanied by a blog that provides commentaries to help you make informed trading decisions. Also available is a detailed events calendar to help you take advantage of events-triggered volatility.

How does Immediate Connect work?

Many are asking whether Immediate Connect is involved in bitcoin mining. We are not in any way involved in any form of crypto mining.

Immediate Connect offers tools to help traders capture and profit from the crypto price swings. We do so by partnering with top CFDs brokers. Our tools merge with the systems offered by the partner brokers.

Our partners handle all trading-related functions, including order execution. This explains why you are prompted to deposit with them. We only link you to the best CFD brokers. Only a few brokers can meet our partnership requirements.

Immediate Connect does not work with unregulated offshore brokers. Moreover, we only work with brokers with a good track record. You have a safety assurance when you choose to trade with us. However, you should treat the broker independently and conduct due diligence before investing.

We are not in any way liable for actions taken through the broker. Read the terms and conditions of the assigned broker before trading.

Getting started with Immediate Connect

Immediate Connect is committed to making fast-paced crypto trading accessible to the masses. Our tools make crypto price swings trading easy and fun.

Moreover, we provide tools to help our clients maximise trading opportunities as they present. Building and executing trading strategies via our tools is extremely easy. We’ve discussed the steps to get you started below.

1. Signup on the official Immediate Connect website

Please use the form above to register with us. We do not charge anything for registrations. Moreover, you won’t pay a dime in license fees to use our tools.

We make money from the tools by charging a commission on profitable trades. This means that we only earn when you earn. Trading is facilitated by a broker assigned to you on registration.

This broker is purely ECN and therefore offers highly competitive spreads. Upon completing the signup, you will automatically redirect to the matched broker’s page.

Immediate Connect homepage scrnshot

2. Verify your ID with the underlying broker

Identity verification is now mandatory for all deposit-taking institutions. The Know Your Customer (KYC) measure is part of the global anti-money laundering regulation.

Verifying your ID also helps the broker to protect your account. The broker will request you take a photo of your identity card and upload it for verification. ID verification could take up to 5 working hours.

But you don’t have to wait since you can trade on an unverified account. However, the verification must go through to withdraw.

3. Fund your account with at least USD250

This step also happens via the broker. As explained earlier, Immediate Connect offers tools to help you trade through these brokers.

All trading-related functions are therefore facilitated by the broker. Our partners support multiple payment methods. These include debit/credit cards, wire transfers, e-wallets, and bitcoin wallets.

Select the preferred payment method from the provided list. Fund your account with at least 250 USD to access the trading area.

4. Go through the tutorials and practice on the demo

You should access our tutorials and demo on completing the deposit. The tutorials explain all our tools. They are available in videos and tutorial guides.

You should master the tools within a few hours of practice. Use the tools to build strategies and test them via the demo before going live. Our demo is state-of-the-art and fully simulates the live trading experience.

It’s built on the same technologies as the live trading platform and backtests on historical price data. The trades that pass the demo test will likely yield positive results in live trading.

5. Start a live trading session

Implement the trading signals that are profitable on demo in the live trading account. The implementation process is quite straightforward.

The underlying broker provides the award-winning MT4 platform alongside the cTrader. Immediate Connect perfectly integrates with these trading systems. The Immediate Connect integrated system provides a beginner-friendly user interface.

Any beginner can master the platform in less than 30 minutes. The trading platforms are customised to offer game-like features.


Immediate Connect App and other platforms

We offer tools to help traders maximize trading via the MT4 and the cTrader. Our tools are also built to work through proprietary systems offered by our partners.

All the supported platforms are available in multiple versions. You can use our tools via the web-trader version, which is compatible with all browsers. However, only use Chrome, Mozilla, Safari, or Brave for safety reasons.

You can use our tools while on the go via a highly intuitive mobile app. The Immediate Connect app download link is only shared with fully registered users. Please note that the download link is unique to the assigned account. The mobile app works on Android, iOS, and Windows smartphones.

We also support desktop trading via the highly intuitive Immediate Connect desktop app. The app supports multiple operating systems, including Windows, Linux, and MAC. Both mobile and desktop apps are lightweight and won’t compromise the performance of your device.

You can download the Immediate Connect app via links shared via email. The download links are also available at the bottom of the trading resources page.

Immediate Connect Reviews Snapshot

We are one of the best-reviewed crypto trading resource platforms. Immediate Connect is reviewed by over 20,000 users on Trustpilot.

This makes us the most reviewed trading platform on this platform. We are also the best rated with a star rating of 4.5/5. This implies that over 90% of the reviewers express great satisfaction with our platform.

Immediate Connect has gone viral on Twitter. We have been trending in most parts of Europe, Australia, and North America. Our platform is available in over 120 countries globally.

Is Immediate Connect legit or a scam?

Immediate Connect is a genuine and transparent trading platform. You can confirm our genuineness by reading the many experts Immediate Connect reviews.

These reviews are done by experts and published in authoritative crypto and mainstream publications. We have been featured on high-traffic media platforms, including Business2Community, InsideBitcoins, Learnbonds, and many others.

Most of our clients are happy, as is evident through the great ratings on Trustpilot and other review sites. We have a high win rate, with at least 70% of our users generating positive results. This makes our tools the most advanced in the industry.

Immediate connect offers all our tools and resources in full transparency and is completely legit. All activities executed via our tools are recorded on a blockchain-based system. Moreover, all transactions via our partners happen through smart contracts technology.

The safety of clients will always remain a top priority. We guarantee a safe trading environment by protecting your data via military-grade encryption. Moreover, all our services are governed by a detailed data privacy policy.

Immediate Connect customer service

We value you, and we are always ready to hear from you. Our customer support lines are available 24/7.

Immediate Connect provides multilingual support covering nine languages. You can access our tools and services in English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, Japanese, Urdu, Arabic, and Russian. Click the flag tab at the header of the official Immediate Connect website to change the site language.

You will be matched with an agent that speaks your language on changing the site language. Remember to specify your preferred language on signing up to be matched with a local dedicated account manager.

You can contact us through landline, mobile, live chat, or email. Please only use email for less urgent inquiries. You can also contact our team through our social media handles. Please only follow the social pages with a verified badge.

You are likely to fall for scams if you follow the pages operated by scammers. Immediate ConnectI is also available on WhatsApp through the number provided on registration.

Immediate Connect website and platforms safety!

The safety of our traders will always remain a top priority. We have invested in the safety of all our platforms.

The Immediate Connect login page is built on RSA 4096 encryption. This means that all data submitted through the site is instantly coded into unreadable language. No cyber attacker can decode this data. The data stored in our servers is also secured through powerful Amazon S3 encryption.

We have a data privacy policy governing how we interact with user data. This data privacy policy is derived from top global data privacy policies. We also provide valuable tips to help our clients remain safe online.

These tips revolve around safe password practices. Password safety is crucial since most attacks happen through compromised passwords.

immediate connect charts

Is Immediate Connect legit? The Verdict!

Immediate Connect is a tested and proven resource for all crypto volatility trading. All the tools under this platform have undergone thorough expert testing and are proven to work.

Transparency is among our core values. We have done our best to make all disclosures about our platform on this page. Immediate Connect ensures further transparency by recording all activities through its tools on a blockchain system.

Users can easily track the activities in this system. We also work with strictly regulated brokers. The regulators require these brokers to segregate clients’ money with tier-one banks and submit quarterly audit reports.

Deposit segregation involves the separation of deposits from the broker’s working capital. This prevents the broker from using your money as their working capital. All deposits through our brokers are insured through tier-one banks.

Moreover, the brokers conduct external audits at least three times yearly, as the regulators require. Immediate Connect aims to make all crypto price swings trading easy. We provide tools to support beginner, intermediate and experienced traders. We offer all the tools for free.

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