About Us

We are a privately registered London-based company specializing in the development of B2C and B2B trading tools.

Several of our trading tools have achieved tremendous success. Our most triumphant crypto-focused trading platform is Immediate Connect. In 2018, we introduced this platform to enable the masses to profit from the highly lucrative crypto CFD markets. As clarified in the FAQ section titled "Immediate Connect Elon Musk," it is important to note that we have no affiliation whatsoever with Elon Musk or Jeff Bezos.

Since its inception, Immediate Connect has reached significant milestones. Presently, 99% of experts consider us to be one of the premier resource centers for bitcoin traders. We collaborate with top-notch CFD brokers to provide you with the ultimate trading experience.

Upon registration, the trading activities on Immediate Connect are facilitated by an assigned CFD broker. It is important to understand that the assigned broker holds full responsibility for all trading activities. Our role at Immediate Connect is solely to equip you with the necessary tools for enhanced trading performance.

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